Wondering How To Find The Best Lead Stabilizer Manufacturer? Here Are Some Tips That Might Help

Best Lead Stabilizer Manufacturer

Lead stabilizers are the most common form of stabilizers used to manufacture PVC dry blend, which has a wide range of rigid and flexible applications. Lead-based PVC stabilizers prevent oxidation, chain scission, uncontrolled recombination, and cross-linking reactions of photo-oxidation, essentially protecting PVC from the damaging effects of extreme heat, temperature, and radiation. 

It is imperative for manufacturers only to use the best inputs, be it a lead stabilizer or organic-based stabilizer, to create PVC compounds. That is why we have compiled a list of green flags to look out for a while picking lead stabilizer manufacturers in India.

1. Focus on the dosage and pricing of the manufacturer: 

While lead-based PVC stabilizers are intrinsically cost-efficient and effective, many manufacturers add CaCO3 to the stabilizers to make them cheaper. However, in doing so, they must also increase the dosage of the PHR to balance the extra addition and enable the one pack to retain its functionality. Without this formulation, lead stabilizer manufacturers in India might end up selling you a low-quality product, leading to even worse quality PVC applications. 

2. Check the quality of the manufacturer’s products: 

The lead-based PVC stabilizers you purchase will form the foundation of your compounds and applications. Hence, you must maintain the quality of the product. Ensure that the manufacturer complies with all industry safety standards and is certified internationally for their quality assurance. We know this is possible because, at Platinum, we offer exactly this. 

3. Verify the authenticity of the manufacturer: 

Similar to the above point, vet the reliability and reputation of the manufacturer. Check for their reviews online or on social media, and try to gauge how they interact with their customers. Out of the many lead stabilizer manufacturers in India, choose the one that puts the customer first and cares about client needs. Only then will the manufacturer be transparent and accountable. 

4. Research about the infrastructure: 

Do they have a thriving R&D facility? What does their manufacturing unit look like? What kind of industrial equipment and machinery do they use? These are some of the questions that you can ask to update yourself about the infrastructure of your potential lead-based PVC stabilizers manufacturer. A fair idea about these details will help you understand the manufacturers’ investment in quality standards and efficiency.
We hope this guide helps you select the best lead stabilizer manufacturer in India. For any business-related queries, please contact us at platinumindustriesltd.com