5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To The Organic-Based Stabilizers

5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To The Organic-Based Stabilizers
5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To The Organic-Based Stabilizers

Stabilizers have been playing an important role in the manufacturing of PVC and CPVC. These products, in turn, have an extensive range of functions and applications. Owing to their immense popularity and usage, stabilizers continue to be one of the most demanded raw materials in many industries such as manufacturing, construction, transportation, and so on.

PVC stabilizers are primarily available in three forms: lead, tin and calcium-organic-based. For the former, its environmental implications are massive due to the use of a harmful substance like lead. That’s why many manufacturers are switching to lead-free organic based stabilizer in an attempt to reduce the damage done to the environment as the demand for stabilizers shoots.

In this blog, we will discuss 5 reasons why you should make this switch in your business as soon as possible:

1. Cost-competitiveness: 

If you want your PVC formulations to be cost-competitive in the market, switching to organic stabilizers is the easiest way to do so. With the number of vendors vying for market share in the stabilizer industry, one way in which you can stand out and grow your business is to control your costs. Due to the cost-efficient production of lead-free stabilizers, you can regulate your manufacturing costs and sell PVC/CPVC compounds at a discounted rate.

2. More adjustable: 

Organic stabilizers usually offer a wider processing window and can be easily adapted to different business requirements. For example, while manufacturing PVC compounds for pipes, they can be smoothly adjusted to meet any technical specifications. Not only are these stabilizers compatible with standard stabilizer systems, but they also give excellent early colour and are odour-free. 

3. Reduced cross-linking: 

Many organic stabilizers are fundamentally antistatic and suppress cross-linking, minimizing the risk of damage to the applications. This also promotes longevity and easier recycling within the products.

4. Non-toxic: 

The absence of heavy metals such as lead in the lead based pvc stabilizer eliminates any hint of toxicity within the stabilizer, leading to non-toxic application in PVC and CPVC formulations. Platinum’s lead-free stabilizers such as calcium and zinc stabilizers are powerfully backed by R&D to assure the non-toxicity of our products. Thus, they are also environment-friendly and sustainable.

5. Excellent price/performance ratio: 

A par-excellent performance at an attractive cost automatically boosts the price/performance ratio of organic stabilizers, making them a much more profitable and responsible purchase than heavy-metal stabilizers. Organic stabilizers also offer better resistance to extreme heat and weather conditions. Better properties at a lower cost are every manufacturer’s dream!

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