CPVC Applications

Just like PVC, Platinum also manufactures high quality stabilizers for applications which use CPVC in it like plumbing pipe.

Platinum has successfully developed stabilizers for CPVC plumbing fitting which has excellent durability and stability.

PVC Applications


At Platinum, each of our formulations for PVC pipes is designed keeping the customer’s requirement in mind. We manufacture a wide range of lead-based one pack stabilizers for PVC Pipes as well as lead-free one pack stabilizers such as Calcium Zinc stabilizers and Calcium Organic stabilizers. The Lead, Low lead and lead free stabilizers that we manufacture are most economical. Our One Pack Stabilizers for PVC Pipes is considered one of the best in the market.

Platinum offers a wide range of options for profiles which include one pack lead stabilizer and calcium zinc stabilizer. Our state-of-art manufacturing unit and expertise can support high quality white as well as coloured window profiles.

Currently our PVC fittings are manufactured using Methyl tin stabilizers for which we provide both Calcium Zinc stabilizer as well as Calcium Organic stabilizer which are ideal for this. Apart from this, Platinum also provides Calcium Zinc tin boosters where customers can reduce the dosages of Methyl tin and add Cz tin booster. This helps them to reduce their overall costs.

Platinum provides high quality Calcium Zinc, Lead and Low Lead Based stabilizers for foam boards & WPC sheets.

A good quality floor tile is possible only if the quality of stabilizer used in it is top notch. And Platinum promises to deliver just that. We offer best quality lead free Calcium Zinc based stabilizers for this which makes the final output brilliant.

Platinum specializes in manufacturing Oriented PVC pipes also known as Modified PVC pipes in many countries. We make Calcium Organic stabilizers for such PVC pipes which are extremely durable and popular.

Platinum offers superior quality Calcium Zinc powder stabilizers for opaque & transparent films.

For applications like mica sheets, Lead Based Powder stabilizers are most preferred, but with Platinum’s new innovation, we have established that using Calcium Zinc Stabilizer for this is very efficient. It makes the final product to be of great quality while being cost effective and durable.

Platinum offers Lead and Lead Free, both type stabilizers for applications like rooting sheets.


The usage of PVC makes wires and cables more flexible. Platinum manufactures top quality stabilizers for these applications which make them highly resilient and strong.

Platinum manufactures a separate grade of distinguished stabilizer made specially for making shoes.

Platinum’s LBC series, Barium Zinc based stabilizer or Calcium Zinc stabilizer are most suitable for such applications.

Platinum’s LBC series, Barium Zinc based stabilizer or Calcium Zinc stabilizer are most suitable for such applications.

Platinum offers Lead Free stabilizers for these applications which ensures that the final product has excellent transparency.

Good quality medical tubes in hospitals and medical centres is quintessential. Platinum has therefore developed stabilizers especially for medical applications like medical tubes with superlative quality.

Platinum has developed high quality stabilizers especially for medical applications like medical masks.

These days various types of Lead Based, Lead free and other types of stabilizers are used for flooring as an application. Platinum takes pride in having already developed such grades of lead free stabilizers, preempting the market’s requirements.

We manufacture Calcium Zinc Paste for applications like Plastisols, which are the most commonly used ink for printing designs on garments. Being customized , this works out to be very cost efficient for buyers.

Platinum has developed several grades for soft profiles as per customer’s needs and requirements.

Platinum offers various stabilizers for these applications along with technical support.

We have designed non-toxic Calcium Zinc Stabilizers for PVC blood bags.