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Metallic Soaps Manufacturers in India

Metallic soaps are formed by reaction of metal oxide or a metal hydroxide with a fatty acid are used as co-stabilizers and internal or external lubricants in PVC formulation. Platinum specializes in manufacturing 4 types of metallic soaps.

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Calcium Stearates

Powder-form Ca and Zn stearates are widely used in the plastics industry as lubricants and components of heat stabilizers, especially for PVC, and in many other industries as lubricants or anti-caking agents. These used as internal lubricants in PVC formulations, also act as co-stabilizers that increase the heat stability, revealing their effects through the formation of the CaCl2 salt, which is produced as a result of their reaction with HCl that is released from the thermal degradation of PVC structure. Our high quality Calcium Stearates makes us one of the most sought after Metallic Soap Manufacturers in India.

  • Insoluble in most solvents
  • Used in waterproofing during construction

Zinc Stearates

Zinc is used as external lubricants in PVC formulations, zinc stearate and zinc laurate also have the reducing effect on the initial colouring. They act as co-stabilizers in the process, revealing their effects through the formation of the ZnCl2 salt, which is produced as a result of their reaction with HCl that is released from the thermal degradation of the PVC structure. Platinum’s superlative ZInc Stearates demand has made us the top Metallic Soap Manufacturers in the country.

  • Insoluble in polar solvents
  • It repels water

Barium Stearates

Barium Stearate is a lubricant-stabilizer for PVC applications. Platinum, which leads as a Metallic Soap Manufacturer in the country, is hailed for its excellent quality Barium Stearates.

  • Heat stabilizer and lubricant for transparent PVC compound
  • It is good for initial coloring
  • Excellent heat stability,
  • High transparency
  • Good insulating properties as well.
Aluminium Stearates

Lead compounds are the most common form of stabilizers used for PVC. These are A hard, thermoplastic white powder, aluminum stearate forms gel with turpentine, mineral spirits, and oils. It can be used as a drier, thickener, emulsifier, and matting agent in paints and varnishes although excess amounts produce soft, noncohesive films. Aluminum stearate is also used to waterproof fabrics, ropes, Paper, Leather, Concrete, and Stucco. It is used as an ingredient in photographic emulsions. Being the country’s elite Metallic Soap manufacturers, our superlative Aluminum Stearates adds a feather to our cap.

  • It is a fine colourless powder having the properties of both organic and inorganic matter.
  • Embraces most of the characteristics of other metallic stearates and is regarded most important out of these