Performance Additives Industry: Advancing Towards Sustainability

Additives Industry

The performance additives industry encompasses a diverse array of substances designed to augment the properties and performance of various materials across multiple sectors. These additives find application in industries such as plastics, coatings, adhesives, rubber, and more, playing a crucial role in enhancing durability, processing characteristics, and overall product quality. Performance additives encompass various components, including plasticizers, PVC stabilizers, antioxidants, lubricants, functional fillers, impact modifiers, pigments and UV absorbers, among others.

In India, the performance additives industry is undergoing a transformative journey towards sustainability, characterized by a shift towards environmentally conscious practices, regulatory compliance, and the adoption of formulations with increasing sustainability potential. As industries nationwide strive to balance economic growth with responsibility both to health and environment, the performance additives sector plays a pivotal role in meeting the demands of a sustainable society.

1. Sustainable Formulations:

A prominent trend in the Indian performance additives industry is the development and adoption of more and more sustainable formulations. This aligns with Platinum’s commitment to research and development aimed at creating additives that enhance product performance while minimizing their impact on health and environment. This shift corresponds with global sustainability goals and addresses the growing demand for economical and more ecological solutions.

2. Reduced Environmental Footprint:

The PVC industry is pro-actively working to reduce its environmental footprint by incorporating improved production processes and more sustainable materials. This includes the exploration of bio-based and renewable resources for additive formulations, contributing to a more sustainable and circular economy and to decarbonisation.

3. Regulatory Compliance and Environmental Standards: 

The Indian regulatory landscape is evolving to prioritise environmental sustainability. PVC stabilizer manufacturers in India, such as Platinum, are adapting to and aligning with environemental standards and regulations. Compliance with these is becoming a key driver for innovation, encouraging the development of additives that meet stringent environmental requirements.

4. Eco-Friendly Plasticisers and Stabilizers:

In response to concerns about the environmental impact of plastics, the PVC industry is witnessing a rise in the development and utilisation of plasticisers, calcium-zinc and calcium-organic stabilizers, such as Platinum’s lead-free stabilizers. These additives play a pivotal role in enhancing the properties of polymers while minimizing adverse effects on the environment and health.  Platinum plays a pioneering role in development, production and sales of lead-free PVC stabilizers. More than 70% of Platinum’s sales of stabilizers for PVC are lead-free today.

5. Collaborations for Sustainability:     

Partnerships between industry players like the Indian Vinyl Council (IVC), research and government institutions are fostering a collaborative approach towards higher sustainability levels. These collective efforts facilitate knowledge-sharing, research endeavors, and the implementation of sustainable practices across the entire value chain of the performance additives industry.

The journey towards sustainability in the performance additives industry reflects a commitment to balancing industrial growth and environmental protection, a cause championed by Platinum Industries, the leading PVC additives manufacturer. To learn more about our products, such as Calcium organic stabilizer, PVC stabilizer, CPVC additives, visit our website”

Platinum Industries Ltd. is a member of the Indian Vinyl Council (IVC).